Why employer should choose Zorvit


Zorvit is 100% free to use

Yeah, you heard it right, it's free. We don't charge any fee to use the services provided by Zorvit. Happy Hiring!


Set your own price

While uploading a vacancy, you would be able to set a desired placement fee payable to recruiter, We don't charge any fee at all. So all you need to pay, is the amount finalized between you and recruiter and you can pay the same via any of Offline mode.


Rest assured, you wouldn't receive cold calls

When you post your vacancy it's published anonymously. Only, the recruiter you decide to work with, will be able to view your company details or contact details.


You deal with selected recruiter

You don't need to deal with multiple recruiters to fill your vacancy. You just need to deal with selected recruiters to close your vacancy. Once the position is closed then you can transfer the payment directly to recruiter.


Time is money

You can fill your vacancy in no time, as you shall receive the quick & competitive proposals from various recruiters, and recruiter will put their their best effort to close the position ASAP.


Hire the best talent

You shall receive the proposals from the best recruiters in their respective industry and thus in return access to best talent of the respective industry.

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