I'm an Employer


Signup as an Employer

This is the first step you need to do. Once you signup as an employer, you have the option to create and manage vacancies.


Upload your vacancy

This step helps you to create a new fresh opening in our system. You can fill up a form to create new vacancy. During this process you can set the amount that you wish to pay to recruitment agencies after successful hiring. If you don't set this amount then recruitment agencies can mention their rates as per their own choice.


Engage Recruitment Agencies

Once your account is verified, your uploaded vacancy will be visible to all recruitment agencies. Any of the recruitment agency can send you the proposal. You can review the proposal and accordingly can engage them for work. Once you approve recruitment agency to work on the selected vacancy, your contact details will be shared automatically with the recruitment agency.


Review resumes

Only approved or engaged recruitment agencies can send you the resumes for the open vacancies. You can review the resumes of candidates, send messages to recruitment agencies regarding that resumes, schedule interview for the shortlisted candidates.


Finally, Hiring a candidate

This is the final step in recruitment process where you as an employer shall put up an offer to the selected candidate. If that candidate accepts the offer and joins you then as per your engagement with recruitment agency,you can release the payment directly to recruitment agency.

I'm a Recruiter


Signup as a recruitment agency/recruiter

This is the first step you need to do. Once you signup as a recruitment agency, you have the option to search available vacancies.


Search Vacancies

you can search through all the available vacancies based upon your preferences. To stop spamming, initially the vacancy details won't show up the details of the employer. But you don't need to worry, because vacancies can only be posted by verified accounts holders so all displayed vacancies will be genuine & authentic.


Send Proposal

You can send a proposal for any vacancy. Mainly, there will be two type of vacancies. One, where employer has already set their preferred budget and second, where they are requesting the recruiters to come up with quote. Before sending proposal if you have any questions then you can ask the employer and can also discuss about their budget preferences.


Direct Communication

Once your proposal is accepted for work, you shall receive the contact details of the employer. This would help you to contact the employer directly. You can either use our messaging system to contact the employer or can use the contact details provided by employer. The only thing that we ask you is to submit the candidate resumes through our interface only.


Send Resumes

As a recruitment agency, you can send the appropriate resumes to employer for the vacancies you are entitled for. With every resume, please attach some information so that employer can have the brief of the resume. This would help employer to screen the resumes.


Build your reputation

With completion of every assignment, your rank and reputation will grow in the system and we shall put you in featured recruitment agencies section. That shall will bring more work at your door step for sure. Every employer leaves rating and comments for the engaged recruitment agencies, so try to get positive comments and good ratings.

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